Pasefika Proud develops and provides downloadable resources relating to family violence, including frameworks, research and infographics. 

Pasefika Proud National Pacific Community Leaders Fono Report June 2016

The inaugural Pasefika Proud National Pacific Community Leaders Fono brought together Church leaders and Non-Government Organisations on 20-21 June 2016 in Auckland. This report aims to summarise the key themes and community voices from the Fono.

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Pasefika Proud South Island Pacific Community Leaders Fono Report November 2016

Pacific leaders from churches and social and health services in the South Island gathered at the inaugural South Island Pacific Community Leaders Fono in Christchurch on 24-25 November 2016. This report aims to summarise the key themes and community voices from the Fono.

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A Theology of Children

Barnardos New Zealand and the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society have jointly published this booklet to advocate that all children are treated with dignity and respect. These two agencies are supporting this publication to enable the public to have an informed understanding of the biblical precepts about raising children, which emphasise positive nurturing and non-violent discipline, which at heart means teaching and showing rather than punishment. A Theology of Children was written by Reverend Nove Vailaau. 

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Reverend Dr Tokerau Joseph Pacific Leaders Address

For the Pacific Leaders’ Address at the Pasefika Proud National Pacific Community Leaders Fono on 20 June 2016, Reverend Dr Tokerau Joseph contributed a perspective on the role the Church plays in strengthening Pacific families. This document is a transcript of his speech. 

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Its Not OK - Good for Staff Good for Business Guidelines

Employers can play an important part in raising understanding of family violence and providing support for employees affected by it. This resource contains suggestions for action and is accompanied by posters and leaflets that can be ordered or downloaded from the It's Not OK website. 

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Productivity Gains from Workplace Protection of Victims of Domestic Violence

Employers have the potential of productivity gains from implementing workplace protections that support victims of domestic violence. There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that as well as the potential for breaking the cycle of domestic violence, the introduction of workplace protections for people affected by domestic violence both saves employers costs (recruitment, retention, re-training, health and safety) and increases productivity. The PSA commissioned this project to examine the impact of workplace protections on domestic violence victims, other staff and colleagues, the employer and overall productivity.

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