Pasefika Proud develops and provides downloadable resources relating to family violence, including frameworks, research and infographics. 

Kāiga Māopoopo – A Tokelau Conceptual Framework to address family violence

A Tokelau Conceptual Framework for Tokelau practitioners and mainstream organisations working with Tokelau victims, offenders and their kāiga and/or communities affected by violence. 

Download (pdf, 1.9 MB)

Fofola e fala kae talanoa e kāinga - A Tongan Conceptual Framework for the prevention of and intervention in family violence in New Zealand – Fāmili lelei

Fofola e fala kae talanoa e kāinga: A Tongan Conceptual Framework takes a strengths-based approach by highlighting concepts and principles present in anga faka-Tonga (Tongan culture) that protect and strengthen the family. These concepts and principles empower Tongan families to take responsibility for preventing and ending family violence. When the concepts and principles are applied correctly, violent behaviour is transformed, and wellbeing and fāmili kaukaua mo kaukauola – strong and vibrant families – is restored.

Download (pdf, 917 KB)

Toku fou tiale - A Tuvalu Conceptual Framework to address family violence in New Zealand

Toku fou tiale – the Tuvalu Conceptual Framework was developed for Tuvaluan and non-Tuvaluan practitioners working with Tuvaluan people and families living in New Zealand who are affected by family violence.

Download (pdf, 797 KB)

The profile of Pacific peoples in New Zealand

A data-based paper about Pacific peoples including statistics from a range of publicly available data sources. Information includes Pacific peoples’ participation in employment, incomes, benefit receipt and housing, health, education, Pacific peoples and family violence, Pacific peoples’ experiences of crime and the justice system, Pacific peoples’ experience with Child Youth and Family and characteristics of Pacific children at greater risk of poor outcomes as adults. 

Download (pdf, 410 KB)

Pacific Peoples in NZ Understanding Who We Are

An infographic overview of Pacific peoples’ share of the New Zealand population including statistics on population, age, location, ethnicity, population growth, religion, language, unemployment, personal annual income, children living in poor households, life expectancy, obesity, household crowding, smoking, completion of qualifications and early childhood education. 

Download (pdf, 113 KB)

Pacific Peoples in NZ Understanding Pacific Family Violence

An infographic overview of Pacific peoples and family violence including statistics on youth, crime and safety, deaths, hospitalisation, victims and offenders, Child Youth and Family, and resilience and risk factors when thinking about family violence. 

Download (pdf, 121 KB)