Luhama Inspires

Pasefika Proud is proud to launch the Rise & Shine Disability Series. Luhama Niu is a Tongan with Cerebral Palsy who works part-time at Z New Zealand at Tom Pearce Drive at Auckland Airport. She works out and volunteers at her gym and her activity group, and is a volunteer at the library after-school programme. Luhama is learning, teaching and inspiring others to be proud of being Tongan and to focus on what they have on the inside more than the outside.

“My proudest moment in my life is achieving the one goal that my parents and everyone told me I could never do – to live independently,” Luhama reflects. 

“I’ve got a part-time job, employed by Z New Zealand as their first employee with a disability in a (wheel) chair working in a Z station.” 

Luhama is thought to be one of the only people in a wheelchair working in a service station in New Zealand.