At your workplace

Whether you’re a nurse, police officer, teacher, social worker or employer, there are ways to get involved in Pasefika Proud. Support and strengthen our most vulnerable Pacific children, young people and families. 

"We’ve always had great, motivated people in the community, but now we’ve got the right structures in place and high level commitment from government. You don’t do things to people, you do it with people. If we can fix a home, we can fix a community … absolutely. And if we all invest in our community, be honest, bold and face the issues so we can address them, we are unstoppable.” - Tusha Penny, NZ Police Superintendent and National Manager of Child Protec-tion and Sexual Violence

“[the Pacific Family Violence Training Programme] is ideal for Church leaders or teach-ers, early childhood centre managers or anyone engaging with Samoan families trying to address family violence… frontline social workers will find the cultural models a wonder-ful resource to applying Samoan ways of knowing that will resonate with their communi-ty. Having ethnic-specific training programmes will support those who work with Pacific families to provide a more effective response.” - Gayle Lafaiali’I, Alliance Health Plus