With your community

Pacific communities are diverse. We organise ourselves into a range of different ways, whether it be churches, sports, extended families, villages, islands, atolls and so forth.  We know being part of a community creates natural opportunities to take action and work better together to support each other and strengthen our families.

“Leaders, both female and male, at all levels in Pasefika families and communities can potentially play key roles in shaping and influencing attitudes towards violence. Effective leadership in churches and communities can drive change from within." - Champions of Change Fono, 2010 

"At a strategic level their involvement is critical to ensure that Pasefika Proud responds to key priorities and that there is ownership by Pasefika communities. Research indicates that mass media campaigns are effective at building awareness of violence issues, but not in creating behaviour change and thus preventing violence; to do this they need to be accompanied by more direct community-based interventions" - Harvey et al, 2007; Rheingold et al, 2007

“…Our Samoan saying - “To’ese a nu’u potopoto” comes to mind. This proverb is about the whole village standing together as one people when they travel.” - Rev. Jonathan Iona Pouli-Lefale