Lavinia’s a living example

In the next Rise and Shine disability story, Lavinia Lovo is a 22 year old Samoan-Tongan with Spina Bifida. Lavinia wants to be a counsellor for the disability sector to help disabled people relate to their counsellor and wants them to know that she understands what they’re going through as a living example. 

“I truly believe in equality and if you want to be treated with respect you’ve got to earn respect from the other person as well. That’s the same with having a disability.”

“I don’t like how when other people were to see me in a wheelchair they automatically think just because my legs don’t work then my brain stopped working too. They got to know me a bit longer and that’s when they knew I’m just another person, I’m just sitting down. I want the same for everyone out there, especially for our Pacific people.”

Produced by Mr Fonoti Pati Umaga of Banana Leaf 4 Productions and Kanohi ki te Kanohi.