Pasefika Proud develops and provides downloadable resources relating to family violence, including frameworks, research and infographics. 

What makes for a good marriage or partnership? Research Summary

Key findings on this case study are focused on the Samoan community, and identifies a range of factors that influence marriage and partner relationships. It explores how recognising how Samoan relationships are constructed and change in light of influencing factors can enhance our understanding of how violence might be prevented and dealt with. 

Download (pdf, 135 KB)

Nga vaka o kāiga tapu

Nga Vaka o Kāiga Tapu is a conceptual framework for addressing family violence in eight Pacific communities in New Zealand. It is informed by, and aligned with, the eight ethnic specific conceptual reports on addressing family violence, and a literature review. It is intended as a guide for policy writers. It defines and explains meanings of family, violence, and key concepts and principles that promote family wellbeing for the eight ethnic specific communities.

Download (pdf, 1.9 MB)

Vuvale Doka Sautu – A Cultural Framework for addressing violence in Fijian families in New Zealand

A Fijian Conceptual Framework to assist with the development of a training programme for Fijian practitioners and service providers working with victims, perpetrators, and families from our communities who have been affected by family violence. 

Download (pdf, 881 KB)

Boutokaan te mweeraoi – A Conceptual Framework for enhancing I-Kiribati wellbeing

A Kiribati Conceptual Framework for indigenous concepts of the good life. The primary purpose of the Conceptual Framework is to help inform I -Kiribati practitioners and mainstream organisations working with I-Kiribati victims, offenders and their families and/or communities affected by family violence or te kiriwee n te mweenga. 

Download (pdf, 574 KB)

Turanga Māori – A Cook Islands Conceptual Framework transforming family violence – restoring wellbeing

A Cook Islands Conceptual Framework for practitioners working with victims, perpetrators, their families and communities. The Framework provides one pathway for continuing to progress the discourse on addressing family violence. 

Download (pdf, 861 KB)

Koe Fakatupuolamoui he tau Magafaoa Niue – A Niuean Conceptual Framework for addressing family violence

A Niuean Conceptual Framework for Niuean practitioners and mainstream organisations working with Niuean victims, perpetrators, and magafaoa (families) affected by family violence. 

Download (pdf, 707 KB)