Pasefika Proud develops and provides downloadable resources relating to family violence, including frameworks, research and infographics. 

Ending Violence Against Women Information

Violence against women and girls takes many different forms in the Pacific. These include intimate partner physical and/or sexual violence, non-partner sexual assault, sexual exploitation and trafficking, and harmful practices such as bride price and accusations of sorcery.

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Have a safe and happy Christmas

Let’s work together to ensure our Pasefika communities enjoy a safe, peaceful and violence-free family Christmas during the festive season. Sadly, there will be families amongst us who will be subject to family violence so let's lookout and care for each other.


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Recent Migrant Victims of Family Violence Project 2019: Final Report

Supporting Recent Migrant Victims

The Recent Migrant Victims of Family Violence Project 2019: Final Report provides an account of its key phases and findings. The Settlement Unit within INZ led the Victims of Family Violence Project and was instigated to assess the effectiveness of INZ’s approach to both preventing and responding to family violence for recent migrants.

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Victim-Survivor Perspectives on Longer-Term Support After Experiencing Violence and Abuse

In August 2020 The Backbone Collective released a report prepared for the Ministry of Social Development detailing what longer term support would have helped some women victim-survivors to get safe, recover and rebuild their lives after experiencing family violence.  

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Pasifika Collective Well-Being During Dovid-19 Crisis: Samoans And Tongans In Brisbane

Journal of Indigenous Social Development

This paper gives insights into the collective ways that Samoans and Tongans living in Brisbane have responded to the changes and uncertainties of the COVID-19 era. As Samoan and Tongan insider researchers, we present observations and dialogue from Samoan and Tongan families that were recorded during March 2020, as part of an inquiry into Pasifika mobilities and well-being in Australia. The responses drawn from these cohorts suggest an established resilience and  purposed  creativity  during  this  global  crisis.  The  social  distancing  regulations,  border closures and travel bans have caused Samoan and Tongan communities in Brisbane to engage more; particularly connecting through digital spaces (vā) of social media and other online communication  platforms.  Pasifika  have  responded  to  the  pressures  and  parameters  of  a pandemic with innovative ways of nurturing their collective well-being.

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Pacific Perspectives on Family Violence in Aotearoa New Zealand

Authors: Fuafiva Fa’alau, PhD (Lecturer, Pacific Health, School of Population Health, University of Auckland; Director, Sea of Island Services) and Sharyn Wilson, BCouns, MNZCCA (Independent practitioner; Cultural advisor; Director, Soul Talk Auckland)

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