Ways to get involved

There are many ways we can get involved as a family to build our own relationships and strengthen others in our community.  Here are some ways we can start now. 

GetInvolved Family5
  • Our families can be strengthened through open communication. We can include children in family decision-making and discussions to give our young people a voice.
  • Be an example to your family and friends – speak kindly and positively to your children, siblings and parents. Children may respond better when you ‘ask’ them to help with chores around the house instead of demanding or ‘telling’ them to do it.
  • Share in household responsibilities and help support your brothers and sisters with their problems. Even a simple ‘are you okay?’ or ‘need any help?’ can make them feel like someone cares about them.
  • Spending quality family time can also build resilience and make a huge difference to the strength of a family. Take time out to play with young children or participate in family activities like going to the park, to the playground or even hanging out in your backyard or garden.
  • Try family home activities to ensure everyone in the family is accounted for and has an opportunity to be heard. Some ideas can include to have weekly or daily family devotionals or family counsel time where each member of the family explains what’s happening for them in the coming week at school, work, home etc.
  • Get involved in service programmes at church or in your community such as volunteer work at church or your local school or community centre. This can help extend your circle of friends and build character and support networks. It can also help to develop skills and gain experience that may be useful when finding work.
  • Plan to do something special for your family every week such as cook a favourite meal, show a family movie, take your little brother or sister to the park so mum and dad can have a break, take the kids out to an event or library.
  • Create loving and safe families by recognising and appreciating each member of the family and take time daily to say thank you, complement each other and acknowledge each other’s contributions to the family no matter how small. Prioritise the children and make time to nurture, teach and provide for their needs.