Pinikilicious is a group that pays tribute for Pacific women to be resilient, healthy and courageous with a sense of fun and be part of campaigns and events which benefit them and their families.

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Launched in 2014, Pinikilicious focuses on the importance of health and well-being for Pacific women and girls in churches, who they believe are the stronghold within their families, church and community. 

Members have a personal connection and responsibility to women and girls who have gone before or are recovering from cancer and other illnesses.

The group has recently been involved with the Pasefika Proud family violence awareness campaign.

The targeted group are members of the churches who are associated with the Mafutaga Ekalesia So’ofa’tasi Poirura. There are approximately 12 –15 churches that are members and are of different denominations such as EFKS, Presbyterian, Methodist and Catholic.