West Auckland Tuvalu Youth: Tuvaluan Values

“Our parents came from the islands for us to have a better future here.” The young West Auckland Tuvaluans focus on culture and their parents’ migration in their Pasefika Proud Malie Young People Aotearoa Project.  The video is a reminder to Tuvaluans around NZ of their roots and how to live purposeful, violence-free lives through unique Tuvaluan cultural values for this generation and the next. Watch the video

A migration purpose shared with the wider Pacific is a focal point of these West Auckland Tuvaluan students in their Pasefika Proud Malie Young People Project.

“Our migration purpose was to have a better life and a better education, but what does a better life look like for us as Tuvaluans?”

The message conveyed in this video emphasises and reminds the people of Tuvalu of their roots and the drive that was strong enough to make their elders get up and leave the homeland.

They ask the question “What exactly are we as a community aiming to achieve in another’s land?”

The answer is multifaceted, however addressing an issue like family violence in our ethnic communities requires a purpose and knowledge of identity and cultural values.

“We will not only be preventing family violence but also stopping it from making an influence on the next generation.

“This is the message behind the video by showcasing our unique values as Tuvaluans.”

Pasefika Proud is a Pacific response to focus on community-led solutions that harnesses the transformative power of traditional Pacific cultural values and frameworks to encourage violence-free, respectful relationships that support Pacific peoples to thrive and to build strong resilient families.