The power of words | TEDxYouth Christchurch

Sala Tiatia experienced domestic violence for the first time when he was 6 years old however verbal abuse hurt Sala’s internal world the mostuntil one particular English class, with one particular English teacher, turned Salas dark world around. In this compelling and emotional TEDxTalk, Sala shares the words that bought light to his world and how he speaks light into the world of some of New Zealand’s most vulnerable young people now because of it. 


It is important we continue to keep our families and children safe in our homesSome Pacific families may be feeling vulnerable. Remember that family violence support services are available. For emergencies please Dial 111. 

Pasefika Proud is a Pacific response to focus on community-led solutions that harnesses the transformative power of traditional Pacific cultural values and frameworks to encourage violence-free, respectful relationships that support Pacific peoples to thrive and to build strong resilient families.