Affirming Works – Kainga Tu’umalie

Affirming Works (AW) is a faith-based organisation that partners with four nominated Tongan Churches to deliver the Kainga Tu’umalie programme. 

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The purpose is to:

  • Develop Tongan faith-based programme addressing violence 
  • Achieve ‘inter-agency engagement’ e.g. engage with education providers to ensure that children go back to education
  • Provide wrap-around support to families with referral to other Affirming Works and other family and community based services they may benefit from
  • Build a stronger community through transformational changes in our families 

Kainga Tu'umalie – An Overview 

Kainga Tu'umalie – An Overview

Tongan Church leaders work with Affirming Works to engage families in the Kainga Tu’umalie programme and co-lead the retreat. The retreat is fundamental to the overall initiative, providing a time of solace away from stress and pressures of everyday reality, giving families new opportunities to engage with each other in a safe environment.

The retreat sets the scene for transformation of families, guiding their journey to live free from family violence. The programme’s strength is based on indigenous Tongan cultural knowledge interweaved with Biblical faith-narratives.

Affirming Works manages the retreat, programme sessions (such as biblical narratives, discussing the impacts of family violence and development of family plans) and monitoring follow-up support after the retreat. Follow-up support includes discussions with Church leaders to ensure participants are well supported post-programme, with connection to other faith-based services or agencies.

Families also experience a safe environment to acknowledge the impact of violence. The programme fosters the desire and ability to realise dreams. Families also experienced a re-awakened appreciation of children and the need to take responsibility for their wellbeing, and family aspirations are strengthened to create a loving, peaceful and harmonious environment at home before it’s too late for the next generation.

“I lost the ability to dream, but having attended I was able to set myself free from depression. I learnt from this programme how to control violence physically and verbally. My daughter and ex-husband saw the changes in me. Three weeks after the programme, CYF closed my case.” - Kainga Tu’umalie Programme Participant

The development, delivery (engagement, facilitation, administration) and monitoring evaluation and follow-up) of this programme is managed by Affirming Works and enabled through MSD Investment