Cook Islands Family Violence Prevention Training Programme

O Le Tōfā Mamao is fundamental to the Samoan cultural practices to help Samoan people build safe and healthier families. 

This FREE programme focuses on the values that underpins Turanga Māori concept and its significance as a solution to prevent family violence. Both Cook Islands Māori and English languages will be used to ensure your knowledge and experience is shared to enhance the discussion.

This training will strengthen practitioners professional practice and also support our community at large within the context of family violence.

Entry is open to practitioners and community leaders, including community members who may engage with Cook Island families to prevent family violence.

Please refer to the table below for those who should attend:


Cook Island health or social services professionals or practitioners working in family violence in the social and/or health services sectors


Cook Islanders who may support/influence (or be in a position to support/ influence) those affected by family violence, as part of their community roles (e.g.: youth work, community, sports, church work etc)


Cook Island professionals (e.g.: doctors, nurses, teachers, ECE providers) who are not specialists in family violence but may be interested in learning more about the application of laws, theories and tools to support family violence prevention in their areas of work


Mainstream providers or agencies that deliver services to Cook Island families affected by family violence

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To find out more, contact: Manu Otutaha-Bennett | M: 021599379 | E: