As Pacific peoples, we all have a role to play. Exploring what we can do more of, differently and collectively for our communities, is a key focus of the Pasefika Proud campaign. 

Pasefika Proud Regional Fono Christchurch


Pasefika Proud brings Pacific community leaders together to reflect, connect and act. Taking action and working together is vital to strengthening our families. 

Fono Downloads 

View National Pacific Community Leaders Fono Report June 2016
View Wellington Region Pacific Community Leaders Fono Report September 2016
View South Island Pacific Community Leaders Fono Report November 2016

“…Our Samoan saying - “To’ese a nu’u potopoto” comes to mind. This proverb is about the whole village standing together as one people, when they travel.” - Rev. Jonathan Iona Pouli-Lefale

“The environment for innovation requires courage and a new way of doing things.” - National Pacific Community Leaders Fono, June 2016 

“Pacific leaders must choose to lead the changes we want for ourselves, our families and our communities. The spaces and places we stand in today demand that we unshackle ourselves from the safety of the ‘known’, we must recast our vision with imagination and possibilities. If we do not, we run the risk of fulfilling every prediction that has already been cast about us.” - Jean Mitaera, Lead Researcher Whitireia NZ