Childcare Subsidy

Childcare Subsidy is a payment that helps families with the cost of pre-school childcare.

Who can get it

You may get a Childcare Subsidy if:

  • you're the main carer of a dependent child
  • you're a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
  • your family is on a low or middle income.

You should also normally live in New Zealand and intend to stay here.

It also depends on how much you and your partner earn.

The child must be:

aged either:

  • under 5, or
  • over 5 if they're going to a cohort entry school (where new entrants start together on a set date after they turn 5), or
  • under 6 if you get a Child Disability Allowance for them
  • attending an approved early childhood programme for 3 or more hours a week.

Approved programmes include early childhood education and care services, eg:

  • kindergartens and preschools
  • childcare centres and creches
  • playcentres and playgroups
  • Kohanga Reo, Punanga Reo, Aoga and other programmes with a language and culture focus
  • approved home-based care.

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