Tongan Family Violence Prevention Training Programme

Fofola e Fala Kae Talanoa e Kāinga concept is fundamental to the Tongan cultural practices to help Tongan people build safe and healthier families. 

This FREE programme focuses on the values that underpins Fofola e Fala Kae Talanoa e Kāinga concept and its significance as a solution to prevent family violence. Both Tongan and English languages will be used to ensure your knowledge and experience is shared to enhance the discussion.

This training will strengthen practitioners professional practice and also support our community at large within the context of family violence.

The Tongan Conceptual Framework Fofola e Fala Kae Talanoa e Kāinga was developed by the Tongan Working Group: Tae Tuinukuafe, Tina Fifita, Malia Hamani, Hola Samani, John Tesimale, Osaiasi Kupu, Sioeli Vaiangina, Rev. Iki Pope, Dr. James Prescott, ‘Aminiasi Ikamafana Tameifuna (Leader) and Emeline Afeaki-Mafile’o (Writer).

Fofola e Fala Kae Talanoa e Kāinga is a Tongan metaphor that literally means, ‘Roll out the mats so the family can dialogue’.  The Tongan Working Group identified that this expression is key to understanding and addressing violence in Tongan families.

This Tongan Conceptual Framework takes a strengths-based approach by highlighting concepts and principles present in anga faka-Tonga (Tongan culture) that protect and strengthen the family. These concepts and principles empower Tongan families to take responsibility for preventing and ending family violence.

When the concepts and principles are applied correctly, violent behaviour is transformed, and wellbeing and fāmili kaukaua mo kaukauola – strong and vibrant families – is restored.

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