Tokelau Family Violence Prevention Training Programme

Kaiga Māopoopo concept is fundamental to the Tokelau cultural practices to help Tokelaun people build safe and healthier families. 

This FREE programme focuses on the values that underpins Kaiga Māopoopo concept and its significance as a solution to prevent family violence. Both Tokelaun and English languages will be used to ensure your knowledge and experience is shared to enhance the discussion.

This training will strengthen practitioners professional practice and also support our community at large within the context of family violence.

The Tokelau Conceptual Framework Kāiga Māopoopo was developed by the Tokelau Working Group: Loimata Iupati (Toeaina), Alefosio Tufala (Toeaina), Reverend Linda Teleo Hope (Facilitator), Kupa Kupa, Okesene Faraimo, Ufiata Siaosi, Pamata Veniale, Lautaimi Iupati, Mulinuu Naseri and Salapima Everdina Fuli (Writer).

The vision of the Kāiga Māopoopo Conceptual Framework is wellbeing and strong, unified families. It affirms that all Tokelau people are entitled to happiness, protection and the opportunity to fulfil their aspirations and potential in all aspects of their wellbeing.

Violence disconnects both the victims and offenders from Kāiga Māopoopo and creates disharmony, and confusion at many levels of the kāiga (family). The result is a state of kāiga miha; if a person cannot find meaning in life, life is pointless, it is useless.

Kāiga Māopoopo is also understood as kaiga feālofani or kāiga fīlēmū and is one of many Tokelau terms for wellbeing/wellness. Kāiga Māopoopo is very distinctive as it has qualities that require absolute unity of Tokelau to achieve, maintain, and protect peaceful, nurturing, and caring relationships between and amongst their families.

Entry is open to practitioners who may engage with Tokelaun families to prevent family violence.

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