Cook Islands Family Violence Prevention Training Programme

Turanga Māori is fundamental to the Cook Island cultural practices to help Cook Island people build safe and healthier families. 

This FREE programme focuses on the values that underpins Turanga Māori concept and its significance as a solution to prevent family violence. Both Cook Islands Māori and English languages will be used to ensure your knowledge and experience is shared to enhance the discussion.

This training will strengthen practitioners professional practice and also support our community at large within the context of family violence.

The Cook Islands Conceptual Framework Turanga Māori was developed by the Cook Islands Working Group: Ani James, Jean Mitaera and Apii Rongo-Raea.

The orama (vision) of the framework is the optimum wellbeing of the ngutuare (household), kopu tangata (family) and oire tangata (district/community) within which Māori live. The continuum of wellbeing asserts that all Māori have the right to expect no’o’anga meitaki and ora’anga meitaki, that is to live in good circumstance and have a good life. An individual or collective has the potential to live life to its fullest and therefore achieve ora’anga mou. A good and fulfilled life is acknowledged with the blessing ‘may you live on’, kia ora ana.

Ora’anga mou assumes a balance of all aspects of life. When all physical needs are being met and upheld, spiritual and emotional wellness complement the ora’anga of the individual and the collective.

Violence is understood as a violation of the wellbeing of the victim(s) and the perpetrator(s). It disconnects both parties from the continuum of wellbeing and, transgresses the tapu (divine sacredness) of both.

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