Ways to get involved

Employees and Employers can help create a respectful and positive workplace by promoting awareness of family violence issues and educating staff about how to deal with family violence while at work.

GetInvolved Professional Wa

You can

  • Put up family violence prevention posters and displays
  • Invite speakers to come and speak to staff – police, refuge advocates
  • Post a list of family violence community resources in safe spaces, like bathrooms or staff rooms
  • Have a professional development day for management and staff to review policies that deal with family violence and the workplace
  • Circulate monthly messages about family violence
  • Introduce initiatives to boost employee morale and relieve stress
  • Initiatives that strengthen the business as an integral part of the larger community
  • Initiatives that build teams based on equality and equity, respect for one another
  • Initiatives that highlight the strengths in having ‘diversity and differences’ in the workplace

Access the Family Violence Employer’s Toolkit

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